Why should I install this great piece of software?

  • You're really looking forward to the kickoff for the Soccer World Cup in Brazil in 2014, but you don't want to decrement the seconds left by yourself?
  • Have you ever been wondering how old your girlfriend is exactly, but never dared to ask for more than her birthday?
  • You want to impress your lovely wife with the most accurate answer possible for the question 'how long are we married, honey?'
  • You'd like to suprise all your curious friends who keep asking how old your cute newborn baby is?
  • You're a bit annoyed by your kids who wanna know how much days or hours remain till they get their Christmas- or birthday presents?
  • You can't wait till the beginning of the world's biggest and greatest party: the Oktoberfest in Munich, Bavaria?

If one of these questions sounds familiar to you and you're not the arithmetic-genius kind of guy, I can present the perfect solution to your serious problem here and now:

You can answer all of them with my Event Timer Widget in the most exact way possible with a simple look on your Android™-powered Smartphone!

Disclaimer: well, I'm exaggerating a little bit. The smallest time-units provided by the Event Timer Widget are seconds. But hey - who wants to count in milli- or even smaller - seconds?!

Honestly, that's the best explanation I've ever read! But where are the screenshots?

Here you go! As an example, I chose Christmas Eve on Dec, 24 2012 20:00.

screenshot all
screenshot days
screenshot hours
screenshot minutes
screenshot seconds
 All units
 Only days
 Only hours
 Only minutes
 Only seconds

Hmm, there are two versions of your Event Timer Widget: LITE and FULL - Why?

You have a sharp eye! Indeed, there are two versions! Both versions are available for free at the moment. That will remain the case for the LITE-version. But I'm not quite sure, if I will keep that approach for the FULL one as well for all times. So to not surprise you sometimes in the future, I made the distinction between LITE and FULL right from the beginning.

Ok, I understand that! But what is the difference in functionality between LITE and FULL?

A great question! The functionality is exactly the same, besides one point: it's not possible to place more than one Widget on your homescreens with Event Timer Widget LITE, whereas you can create as many Widgets as you like with Event Timer Widget FULL.

Hopefully the following table explains the difference in more detail:

Show only seconds
Show only minutes
Show only hours
Show only days
Show days, hours, minutes, seconds together
Edit Event
Working on Android 2.x/3.x/4.x

Hey, you said I can display the time in different units! How can I do that?

That's an easy one - I wonder why you didn't find that out by yourself: simply tap on the center or right side of the Event Timer Widget. Every touch changes the units.

Is the world's greatest Android Widget available in Google's Play Store also?

I'm sorry to disappoint you! At the moment none of the versions are available in any official store at all. Neither in Google's Play Store, nor Amazon's Appstore for Android nor any other one. Before I release them there, I'd like to gather some feedback from friends, who tried 'em out.

I suppose you tested your awesome product before releasing it here - Which phones did you use for that?

I own a GOOGLE NEXUS (Android 4.1) Smartphone, so that one is used for development and testing most intensively. Some of my friends have a SAMSUNG GALAXY S III (Android 4.0.4) and they haven't encountered any bugs or problems till now. The widgets are tested on a SAMSUNG GALAXY S II and a SONY EXPERIA ACTIVE/SONY ERICSSON ST 17I (Android 4.0.4) as well without any issues. 

Update: For backwards-compatibility down to Android 2.x, I used my old HTC DESIRE (Android 2.2.2).

Why the heck is Android 4.0 the minimum required version?

Obviously this is an important issue for many Android-Users. When I started development, I used my brand-new GOOGLE NEXUS that was shipped with Android 4.0 and I wanted to make use of all the improvements that have been made since the earlier versions. However, I'm actively working on the support of older versions, but unfortunately I do not have a timeframe at the moment when that will be finished.

Update: I kept my promise! The new versions of the Event Timer Widget do now support Android 2.x platforms as well!

When trying to install your Widget I get an error-message: something about 'unknown sources'! What's up?

To successfully install the Event Timer Widget, you have to allow App-installs from non-Market locations, such as this website. To enable that, go to 'settings' → 'security' and activate the checkbox 'unknown sources'.

I can't see the Widget in the App-list of my phone! Is it broken?

Please update to the new versions of the Event Timer WIdgets. Because there was quite a bit of confusion about this point, the Widget can now be launched from the list of installed applications. Nevertheless, you still cannot create the Widget this way, but you will see an appropriate message with further instructions on how to do that.

If that wasn't the solution, try switching your phone off and on.

Why did you create this beautiful Widget at all? I don't think you're gonna get rich with that!

One reason why I built the Event Timer Widget is because I wanted to solve a couple of the world's most important problems - already described on top of this page!

A further motivation was, that I liked the idea to customize my Android-Smartphone with code that I've written by myself. Besides of that, I'm a Software-Engineer specialized in the Java Programming Language, so it seemed a great possibility to get to know a new Programming-Framework. Yeah, I know: the last two sentences sound a bit nerdy...

But now the main reason: I wanted to know how much time there's left till the Mayor of Munich shouts out his famous 'O zapft is!'-words at the opening of the world's biggest and greatest party: the Oktoberfest in Munich, Bavaria!

Got it, but there are already a couple of Apps and Widgets available that provide the functionality you've been looking for - why re-inventing the wheel?

That's not completely true: I tried out quite a bunch of them before I started to work on my baby. Either it wasn't possible to show the time in different units or I didn't like the design or there was no Widget-functionality or they only supported fixed dates like Christmas.

Do you have any plans to offer my favourite Widget for non-Android-phones?

  • IPhone OS (iOS)? → Not at the moment!
  • Windows Mobile? → Nope!
  • WebOS, Symbian, Blackberry? → No, not at all!